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Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are being used extensively by different companies across different industries. Also, trends in terms of mobile application technology are changing constantly. This makes it necessary for mobile applications to be developed keeping the latest technology trends in mind. Our team of mobile application developers are always up-to-date with the trending mobile application development technologies. They take the effort to understand exactly what you require in the application. Based on the requirements specified by you, our mobile application development team builds the software architecture. Once this process is over, the actual development of the mobile application begins.

UI plays an important role in the process of mobile application development. The UI of mobile applications will be designed in such a manner that it appeals to the end user. The user ultimately uses an application only if the UI and the UX are appealing. Our mobile application development team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to create mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. They are also adept at creating cross platform mobile applications in keeping with the latest trends and technology.

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User Interface and Experience design

Mobile Application forming the yard of services at finger tips, organization are making significant research and innovating wonders for the mobile screen as this is the smart screen that lures customers glued to at any point of time. NBS offers mobile application solutions that provides enterprises to communicate with the customers and offer the service to fulfill their requirment at finger tips. Leveraging the technology intelligence to design, develop mobile application which are user friendly and necessity service provider Out development goes for every platform in the mobile from Android to iPhone to Window which gives the pleasant look and feel and speed of thought.

iPhone Application development

NBS’s super talent and competent team is a combination of artistic-designers, 3D-animators, strong skilled programmers develop applications for iPhones.
For iPhone we develop
• iphone / iPad Enterprise / Business Application Development
• iPhone / iPad compatible Mobile Website Development
• iPhone Social networking Integration
• iPhone Web Service Integration
• Porting iPhone App to iPad App.

Android Application Development

NBS vision for Android application is innovative. Designed and developed by our proactive application developers exploring limitless possibilites of Android through the set of development tools.
The NBS team develops customized and smart applications which synchronizes with mobile platform and available net for different service application like
• Communication Applications
• Health Applications
• Travel Applications
• Entertainment Application and many more.

Windows Application Development

NBS has experts to develop windows based mobile applications. Wherein Windows mobile platform gives the developers variety of options in developing customized applications. We can help you in developing diverse and unique mobile applications to meet your business and personal needs. Our tech-savvy and meticulous developers ensure that the final application reflect the specification.