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Our Works

App Development

Login Credentials

Unique UserId and Password to each executor gives access to the authorized thereby login approvals are met and Confidentiality of Data is maintained.


Safety and Security Audit

It is a mobile app developed for restaurants to perform safety and security audits at its branches.


Mobile Ordering

This mobile app allows the users to locate nearest restaurants and order delicious food on the go. The order can be tracked easily on the track order page.

Web Development


QlikView’s deployment options enable IT to deliver the right functionality through the right medium to each user group. The QlikView Business Discovery platform provides:

  1. • Extensive APIs for integrating QlikView with your business applications and system management software
  2. • A browser-independent Ajax client that gives business users full analysis capabilities with no local installation hassles
  3. • Mobile accessibility across iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices, to give your team an integrated way to deliver QlikView to mobile users